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Improving the Click-and-Collect Grocery Experience

How grocers can help customers click with their click-and-collect experience


It’s no secret the adoption of click-and-collect grocery has skyrocketed – unfortunately, customer satisfaction hasn’t risen with it!  A 2020 study found that 44% of customers were somewhat satisfied with their experience and 13% were not very or not at all satisfied.

The top reasons customers were not completely satisfied included:

  • products being out-of-stock (44%)
  • fees were too expensive (35%)
  • unhappy with product substitutions (29%)
  • unhappy with the quality of products (22%)

As the click-and-collect grocery space continues to grow and evolve, grocers will need to adapt to customer feedback to improve customers’ experience. Consider these tips to enhance the click-and-collect experience. 


Invest in Technology

It’s inevitable that products will occasionally be out of stock and substitutions will need to be made, but it’s important to keep these occurrences to a minimum to improve loyalty and grow sales. The right technology can help bridge this gap.

Consider enhanced technology solutions that include capabilities such as real-time stock levels, enabling a dialogue between the customer and order-picker to ensure satisfaction with substitutions, or machine learning to help guide substitution decisions.


Increasing Service Quality

One big concern with click-and-collect grocery is the lack of personal choice, especially when it comes to fresh produce. The right training for grocery pickers can help improve customer satisfaction with attention to detail such as ripeness.

Another way to improve the quality of the click-and collect experience is by investing in innovative packaging solutions that address sustainability concerns and work with a wide variety of different product types. Motaz Sabri, vice president of grocery, retail and food processing at Bunzl, says that, "While they are busy meeting their customers' new demands, our grocery customers can rely on our packaging experts to help them enhance their store supplies programs with innovative packaging formats that help prepared foods travel well, and sustainable alternatives to transition packaging away from single-use plastic materials."


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