Ice Melt for Safer Sidewalks

Ice Melt 101

Is your ice melt worth its salt?


Using ice melt at your facility is an important part of your winter maintenance program to maximize safety. The top two applications for ice melt are to de-ice surfaces and prevent ice from forming.


To achieve maximum results it's important to understand the do's and don'ts of applying ice melt:

  1. DO mix ice melt with sand. Mixing ice melt with sand can extend the length of time ice melt will last. It will also provide additional traction on the pavement.


  2. DO clean it up. To prevent environmental damage where you’re using ice melt, be sure to sweep up extra product and dispose of it properly.


  3. DO keep ice melt away from kids and pets. If sodium chloride comes in contact with skin or is ingested it can cause irritation or illness. When applying ice melt to an area such as a playground or schoolyard, use extra caution.


  4. DO use ice melt when necessary – that is when the temperature is going to drop below 0°C.


DON'T use too much. Using excessive ice melt doesn't make the product work any better, costs more and has a negative environmental impact. Refer to the package label or SDS sheet for the recommended usage quantity.


Ask your sales representative about the right ice melt product choice for your facility.