Cleaning Supplies

Does Your Cleaning Plan Measure Up?

New processes, products and programs can help


As businesses begin reopening after COVID-19, cleaning and hygiene will be even more critical to keep employees and visitors healthy and safe. Not only will it help reduce the spread of germs, but help meet new expectations around how facilities are managed and maintained. 

Not sure what to include in your post-COVID cleaning protocol? Worried about cleaning compliance? Here’s how to ensure you’re investing in cleaning where it counts the most.


Review Cleaning Programs

Before reopening, businesses should re-evaluate their cleaning programs to ensure they are sufficient for the size and type of facility. The plan must include a protocol to ensure that high touch surfaces like door handles, restrooms fixtures, elevator buttons, shared equipment, etc. are disinfected daily as a part of routine cleaning activities. 


Evaluate Cleaning Techniques

A key component to an effective cleaning plan is to ensure proper cleaning techniques are being used. Training and certifications are available to ensure the right tools and PPE are being used, and that cleaning products are being used properly for maximum efficacy. Building service contractors have an opportunity to share their expertise and help their customers design customized programs that include more specialized cleaning strategies. New electrostatic disinfecting technology can play a key role in preventing disease outbreaks when used after cleanings occur, to maximize effectiveness while minimizing time and chemistry requirements.  

Implement New Cleaning Protocols

Once your new program has been defined, how can you implement it quickly and efficiently? That’s where our cleaning and hygiene experts come in. The most important step in implementing a cleaning plan is to invest in the right training for cleaning teams – and we can help! 

Training should be customized to your facility and include:

  • A specific product selection designed to care for all of the different surfaces and materials in your facility while delivering the required cleaning and disinfecting properties
  • How to use the products provided, including ensuring that the manufacturer’s recommended dwell time is adhered to and training on any specialized equipment
  • Proper cleaning (biofilm removal) and disinfecting techniques for various surfaces and materials
  • A facility’s cleaning schedule including locations and frequency 
  • Proper PPE required and correct use by cleaning teams 
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring 


Measure Results

To help focus your cleaning teams’ efforts, improve effectiveness and ensure compliance, consider using a cleaning program management tool. Guide and manage cleaning activities quickly and easily on any device using WandaMOBILE. Add WandaNEXT touchscreens to high visibility or high-traffic areas where guest experience is critical so patrons can provide feedback on the condition of restrooms and other critical service areas. Understand traffic volume in key areas of your facility by installing WandaNEXT people counting units to monitor traffic flow. Use WandaQUICKTOUCH buttons in less frequently used areas to alert cleaning teams to areas requiring attention.  

For more information on cleaning team training, customized cleaning supply programs, protocol development or compliance management tools, contact your Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Professional.