The black and white delivery trucks on a highway.

Close Up on Road Safety

New dashcam pilot project


This year, Bunzl Canada launched a new fleet management system pilot project in Burlington, Ontario, home to our largest fleet in Canada. The system includes forward-facing cameras, electronic logging and AI technology to continually improve overall safety for drivers and the public.

When the forward-facing camera picks up a driving irregularity, it sends an audible tone to the driver and is recorded and sent to our fleet managers for review. This helps our drivers self-correct as required and provides coaching opportunities for our managers. Having two sets of eyes on the road helps to keep our drivers safer and allows us to continually adapt and improve our safety practices and driver training.

The system’s electronic logging device makes it easier for drivers to enter their hours of service and makes it easier to store, maintain and retrieve data.

This system is an exciting new addition to our comprehensive road safety program that includes annual defensive driving courses, a monthly drive along with managers, recognition programs for meeting safe driving goals and driver alert program courses.

Employee safety is our top priority and the pilot program has been well received. Our drivers have embraced the new system and appreciate its role. As one Bunzl driver said, “I like that this system is designed to ‘Protect the employee, Protect the public and Protect the fleet."