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Fall/Winter 2018

           The Canadian economy is expected to grow 2% over the next year. Find out why.

           See why Facility Cleaning & Maintenance magazine calls WandaNEXT™ a smart investment.

           How industry-leading grocers get more shoppers in the door -- and keep  them coming back.   

           Science fiction becomes reality: How AI changes the game for manufacturers.  

            In-store consumers are looking for a breath of fresh air in the era of online shopping.

            Making sense of plastic packaging -- and what to do with it.

            When it comes to working outdoors, inadequate protection can mean losing a lot more than productivity.   

           Find out how to minimize illness in your workplace this cold and flu season.  


Spring/Summer 2018

           A comprehensive guide to how to keep your facility floor looking as professional as possible.

           If you operate a business then all the signs are looking good for the near future.

           Safety in the work place is extremely important and sometimes, in the case of PPE, this can be particularly challenging for women. 

           One the hottest sectors to be involved with in the retail and food sectors right now marries 'grocery and 'restaurant'.  


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