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The Dirty Truth About Restroom Cleaning

Get the quick and dirty facts on what customers think of your restrooms…


When was the last time you were impressed by a public restroom’s cleanliness? Now, when was the last time you were unimpressed, or even grossed-out by a public restroom? Chances are, you have a much easier time remembering a bathroom that left a bad impression than one that left a good impression. Your customers probably feel the same way.


The Facts:

Did you know that on average, 56 per cent of patrons will not return to a business after a poor restroom experience? In fact, many will actually go as far as to avoid them altogether. That number is even higher for restaurants and hotels, where almost 80 per cent of visitors will not return.


Things like odour, overflowing trash cans, lack of toilet paper and empty soap dispensers all contribute to a dirty restroom in a customer’s eyes. Not only will this make them less likely to return, but the majority of consumers believe an unclean restroom indicates poor management and lowers their opinion of the company.


Check out our infographic to learn more about what your restroom cleanliness says to your customers...



How Can You Keep Your Restrooms Clean?

Messes are inevitable, but the way they are handled is up to you. Replace antiquated, paper-based washroom cleaning records and give your customers a great experience they won’t forget with WandaNEXT™, the digital restroom monitoring system.


WandaNEXT™ uses an industrial grade, antimicrobial tablet that allows restroom patrons to notify maintenance staff when a particular area needs attention. That way, messes can be taken care of as soon as they happen, supply levels stay filled and your customers will be impressed by your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene.


Learn more about how you can elevate your customer experience with smart technology…



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