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How Wesclean Stopped 4 Tons of Waste Going To Landfill and saved $4k

Reduce operational costs, save money and reduce waste going into landfills...


Whether you work for a small business or large corporation, sustainability is a major part of most business plans. It can help reduce operational costs, save you money and reduce waste going into landfills.  Implementing a recycling program, can do a lot more than you think. Basic things such as placing recycling bins around facilities can make a significant difference.


Tim Campbell, Wesclean Edmonton’s warehouse manager, teamed up with Waste Management to work on their recycling program to reduce the amount of waste and service cost going to landfills weekly, monthly, and annually.


Recycling bins were placed around the facilities in high traffic areas along with a visual sign showing what materials can be recycled. Within 2-3 months, the amount of waste in garbage bins had decreased substantially. As a result, waste bin removal services were reduced to once a week and recycling services increased to twice a week. 


In January 2017, 3 metric tons of waste ended up in landfills at $1600/month and recycling just over half a ton. By the end of the year in December 2017, less than 1 ton of waste went into landfills at $800/month and over 4 tons of materials were recycled.


Within a year, the Wesclean Edmonton branch recycling program significantly reduced their carbon footprint and costs. These changes translated to a savings of over $4000 and prevented 4 tons of materials from going into landfills.


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