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How Bunzl Canada's Supply Chain Evolution Improved Its Efficiency and Performance


Motaz Sabri, Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain at Bunzl Canada, spoke to Supply Chain World about how efficiency and performance were greatly improved at Bunzl Canada by evolving its supply chain.


Supply Chain World magazine recently wrote a fantastic feature on how Bunzl Canada has adjusted its supply chain processes to improve efficiency and performance. Motaz Sabri, Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain, was interviewed to discuss how these changes have made a big difference in providing more value to customers.


By creating specialized areas and departments, Bunzl has been able to improve process standardization in its operations across the country and across acquisition companies. The key to doing this has been working to establish teams that enable better data analysis capabilities.


From end to end, we strive to innovate our integrated supply chain. We aim to create more efficiency for our customers to provide them the best value we can.


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