School District Floor Care Case Study TASKI

School District Floor Care Case Study

See how implementing the TASKI IntelliFleet improved the Portland Public School District's cleaning program...


With 98 buildings, 78 schools and over one million square feet, maintaining the Portland Public School District is no small feat. Despite an extensive machine fleet, the district’s existing cleaning and maintenance program was in need of an overhaul to find a way to reduce high maintenance costs and improve overall efficiency.


During the TASKI site analysis, a number of important observations were made including:


  • An investment of $1.2 million had been made into the existing equipment
  • Its existing machine fleet was approximately six years old
  • Maintenance and repair costs were running at a rate of $100,000 per year
  • Some machines were only being used for 45 minutes per day while manual methods were being used in many classrooms


Like many organizations, purchasing any new major equipment seemed to be an unaffordable option for the school district. However, the site analysis found that there were a number of opportunities to make changes and solve the school district’s problems – without going over their budget.


One of the main issues identified was that some machines were only being used for 45 minutes per day, while manual methods were being used in many classrooms. Finding ways to maximize machine use will speed up cleaning and help improve efficiency.


Check out the entire case study summary to see how the TASKI IntelliFleet program made it possible for the school district to purchase an entirely new fleet of machines…


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