Sweep and Scrub Basics

To Sweep, or to Scrub? That is the Question

There are numerous reasons for sweeping or scrubbing floors in a plant or warehouse – increased productivity, worker safety, product contamination,protecting the floor surface and maintaining a quality image. On average, a manufacturing plant spends 931,850 hours per year maintaining floor surfaces –551,984 of those hours are spent sweeping and 379,554 hours are spent scrubbing, with the remaining hours spent polishing or resurfacing. When you consider costs to clean, a manufacturing facility spends, on average, $2.15 annually per square foot on maintenance – with labor accounting for over 90% of total floor-cleaning costs. That's why it's essential to find a floor-cleaning approach that not only meets your facility's cleaning requirements but also helps increase your productivity – both in time and labor. However, determining whether to sweep,scrub or both – and what type of equipment to use based on your cleaning needs is not the straightforward decision it might seem. 


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