Ice Melt for Safer Sidewalks

Ice Melt Program

Winter always comes too soon. Don’t get caught short – order your stock of ice melt now!


Choose economical and efficient rock salt, or a premium ice melt that’s easier on surfaces. Or, try REGARD® Ice Melt with its fast-acting, long-lasting formula. (It’s safer to handle and gentler on the environment.)


Don’t wait until the snow falls! Contact us today to place your order.

Landscaper's Choice 20kg

  • Premium CMA Formulation
  • Safer to handle
  • Less harmful to vegetation
  • Highly visible green indicator
  • Fast acting, long-lasting
  • Consistent granulation
  • Also available in liquid
  • Melts down to -26°C
 Blue bag of Landscaper's Choice brand ice melt

REGARD® Eco Melt 20kg

  • Contains CMA
  • Fast acting, long-lasting
  • Consistent, even & free-flowing granulation
  • Blue colouring for consistent visual distribution
  • Non-tracking formulation
  • Safer to handle
  • Ability to store outside
  • Melts down to -24°C
 Blue bag of REGARD brand ice melt

Ice Patrol 20kg

  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Optimally sized for maximum performance
  • Flows freely through commercial spreaders
  • Melts down to 0°C
 Yellow bag of Ice Patrol brand Ice Melt

Ice Cutter 20kg

  • Premium, non-calcium chloride blend
  • Special green colour for accurate application
  • Extended melting for added protection and economy
  • Will not leave an oily residue
  • Melts down to -20.5°C
 Bag of Ice Cutter brand Ice Melt

Get your facility winter-ready before the snow falls – contact us today to order!



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