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Top 10 Reasons TASKI®  Auto Scrubbers Stand Out

Find out what makes these machines exceptional...


Revolutionize floor maintenance in your facility with TASKI® Auto Scrubbers. This state-of-the-art technology features an intelligent design to improve efficiency and streamline floor care. These high-quality machines have unique features that make them stand out for all the right reasons:

  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Improve worker efficiency
  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce chemical waste
  • All TASKI® machines are 99% recyclable


Check out this video to count down the top 10 reasons TASKI® auto scrubbers stand out


  1. Water Recovery

    TASKI® Auto Scrubbers use an innovatively designed squeegee to pick up every drop of water at any speed. This design means it can be pick up water on all four sides, and it lasts four times longer than gum rubber.


  2. Maintenance Points

    These coloured maintenance points make it easy for workers to conduct regular maintenance and inspection on machines.


  3. Ergonomics

    All TASKI® machines are ergonomically designed to make them easy and comfortable to use, which improves worker efficiency.


  4. Maneuverability and Agility

    TASKI® Auto Scrubbers use patented all-wheel steering that enables them to maneuver into areas that would normally require a much smaller machine.


  5. Recovery Tank Cleaning

    The open design of the recovery tank allows for easy access and cleaning.


  6. Automatic Mounting for Brushes and Pads

    There’s no need to bend over to attach brushes or pads, which improves productivity and reduces worker strain.


  7. Recycles Solution up to Four Times

    TASKI® ride-on Auto Scrubbers can recycle solution up to four times – reducing chemical waste and increasing productivity.


  8. Straight to the Tank Vacuum Hose

    Solution recovery is improved with a hose that goes straight to the recovery tank, without any bends and turns that cause it to lose suction.


  9. TASKI® IntelliDose Onboard Chemical Dispensing

    Choose from three chemical dilution levels, and the ability to do water-only cleaning without having to return to a chemical mixing station.


  10. IntelliFlow Controlled Solution Dosing

    Only TASKI® Auto Scrubbers directly link the cleaning solution flow to the machine’s wheel speed. This removes the need for the operator to manage the flow and maximizes the machine’s productivity.


Find out how you can improve floor maintenance with TASKI®!



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