Industrial Supplies: Pack. Ship. Store. Repeat.

The speed and efficiency of your warehouse is only as good as its ability to maintain product quality through the shipping, receiving, storing and picking process. That’s why Canada’s largest warehouses and distribution centres rely on GF Industrial Supplies for industrial packaging supplies and equipment.

From stretch wrap and labelling products to boxes, adhesives, steel and plastic strapping, tapes and more, GF keeps your warehouse stocked with the industrial packaging supplies you need to keep inventory and shipped product in optimum condition.

GF provides a wide range of material handling equipment, including Lift-Rite products. Look to us for appliance and platform trucks, carts, hand pallet jacks, lift jacks, and pallet stackers. We can also provide hand trucks, shelf carts, pickers, platform and appliance trucks, dockboards, dockplates, ladders, cabinets, racking and more.

Need to get organized? Let GF’s experts outfit your warehouse with pallet racking and E-Z-rect shelving systems, stackable bins and small parts cabinets.

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Safety Supplies: Smart. Practical. Essential.

Continually moving people, goods and machinery make keeping warehouse personnel safe and productive a continual challenge. The right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and compliance processes make the difference between high performing facilities and those dogged by ongoing safety incidents. 

From eye, face, hand, head and ear protection to fall prevention and visual hazard alerts, McCordick Glove and Safety provides high quality, innovative products and the expert advice to protect your people and safeguard great performance.

Engage our safety professionals to audit warehouses and distribution centres and recommend the safety equipment and apparel to facilitate comfort and productivity while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements. Take advantage of first-to-market safety innovations in a wide range of PPE from leading brands such as Workhorse™, our flagship safety equipment and apparel line designed to deliver the highest level of quality and the best possible value.

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