Safety Supplies: Protection. Comfort. Performance.

Keeping your work environment safe is a top priority. But, how do you keep safety top-of-mind with employees?

McCordick Glove and Safety is here to help. Our Safety experts will help you develop a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) program that improves worker comfort and enhances productivity with the right products for each task and hazard.

We’ll start with an audit of the manufacturing floor, and make recommendations as to how to eliminate certain hazards with the right notification products. We’ll continue with an assessment of current safety apparel against current hazards, and recommend the best product choices and approach to compliance monitoring.

Once your program design is complete, we’ll deliver an onsite training programs to help employees understand the important of their PPE, the correct way to use it and specific compliance expectations for your company.

Let's get started...


Machine and Stretch Film

Machine/Stretch Film

Keeping quality under wraps.


Thinking inside, outside, and around the box.

Industrial Packaging

Industrial Strapping


Industrial packaging with no loose ends.


Holding things together.

Gum Tape

Industiral Equipment

Equipment & Service

Because there’s no time for downtime.


First Aid Equipment

Equipment & First Aid

Be ready for anything.

Hand Protection

Hardworking products for hardworking hands.

Hand Protection



Design that just feels right.

Facility Safety

Always Safe. Never Sorry.

Facility Safety

Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

Safety looks good on you.

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