how to stop a flu outbreak


The trouble with flu is, it is very generous. It likes to spread itself around like hair from a shedding dog and then it loves to be shared amongst us like a cake at a party. Trouble is, with the ability to be spread easily onto all surfaces and then easily shared from human to human, it is a recipe for disaster. An outbreak within any sort of communal area is highly likely as soon as one person or surface is infected. Furthermore these types of areas are often the types of places that both humans the virus like to hangout. Warm, dry, high traffic areas, constantly being touched and re-touched by dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people.


Preventing a minor outbreak becoming a large scale and impactful one for has until now been very difficult. It takes just 1 person to spread the germs far and wide and then put hundreds of others at risk. This risk is first and foremost a health concern for both the public and private sectors, but there are massively concerning knock-on effects in terms of staff absenteeism, productivity, business closures and ultimately financial costs.


So what does one day when faced with a potential outbreak? Close your location and put it on lock down? That can either be bad for business or just not possible in places such as hospitals. You could charge your cleaners to scrub every inch of surface area in the building, but this would be time consuming, costly and problematic. Problematic in the sense that it is virtually impossible to disinfect every single inch of surface area. Not to panic though, there is a solution at hand.


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