High-Efficiency, Whisper Quiet Vacuums


State-of-the-Art Technology Revolutionizes Floor Maintenance

Simplify vacuum cleaning in your facility with TASKI® AERO. The line includes four models that use state-of-the-art technology to improve maintenance in your facility and increase efficiency. With innovative and intelligent features, TASKI® AERO can be used for any vacuuming need. TASKI®’s patented Whisper Technology offers an extremely quiet vacuum, making operation possible in any environment at any time of day or night.


TASKI AERO revolutionizes floor maintenance


State-of-the-Art Technology:

  • Patented TASKI® Whisper Technology
  • Highly efficient 585W motor for same cleaning as vacuums with 900W or more
  • Exhaust filtration with HEPA option for advanced filtration
  • Eco mode button to reduce the energy consumption and noise level


The Sustainable Choice:

TASKI® AERO features an Eco mode button that reduces the motor’s energy consumption by 50 per cent, which saves money and minimizes its environmental impact. Eco mode also reduces noise emissions to 50 decibels, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments and for daytime cleaning.

Intelligent Design: 

  • Foot pedal power switch for ergonomic operation
  • Integrated cable winding for fast and easy cable storage
  • Full dust bag indicator
  • Versatile integrated accessories for a seamless cleaning process
  • Integrated handle for convenient carrying
  • Quick and easy filter replacement


Find out how you can improve floor maintenance in your facility with TASKI® AERO!



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